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Smart Contract-Based MLM software on Binance Smart Chain

Make reach of your business to a global audience with a Binance smart chain-based MLM system.

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Services for Smart Contract-Based MLM Platform

Blockchain technology has already being used widely in the digital era. Smart contracts along with blockchain technology are serving the industry with their amazing features. The MLM system based on Binance smart chain can be enhanced using smart contracts. Smart contracts have been implemented by the decentralized sector to protect transactions and make the process faster and more secure. Smart contract auditing ensures that the procedure is efficient, functionally seamless, and secure.

Zeligz web store is one of the leading blockchain services providers that offer unmatchable services for developing a platform that can ensure your success in the industry. We have been serving our services to the industry for several years. Our team has proficiency in offering the services and fulfill the requirements of our clients precisely.

Need of smart contracts in your MLM platform

MLM system is a marketing technique in which the existing distributors of the company hire other distributors to sell the products of the company. The distributors get the rewards when their referred individuals.

The smart contracts deployed on the blockchain may facilitate the MLM system to several features to the users of the system. With the automatic process on the MLM system, the users will get a rapid and user-friendly process.

MLM software using Binance Smart Chain

Using the power of smart contracts, the Binance smart chain is utilized to build high-performance decentralized applications. It allows Dapp users to enjoy smooth functionality and quick transactions. Binance's original blockchain did not support these features.

The benefits of the Binance smart chain will bring enormous benefits for the MLM system. The advantages such as less gas fee, cross-chain capability, smooth performance, and other features can be availed using this technology.

Why blockchain-based MLM system

The undeniable high security of blockchain technology offers a safer environment to the system that will help in building trust with the users. The traditional MLM used to have several drawbacks such as slow processing and less reliability and many others which are discussed below:

Less reliability

The system used to be less trustable.

Slow processing

The transactions were processed at a slower rate, resulting in a poor user experience.

Less Transparency

The users of the system have no clue of the essential information related to the payments and transactions.


There was no clear information about the rewards of the users. All of the above-mentioned deficiencies have been resolved by the new technology.

With Blockchain technology like the Binance Smart Chain, users needn’t worry about the aforementioned errors and instead trust the smart contracts and their immutable nature. Since all payments will be made through crypto coins, users can easily bring in more referrals and boost business.

About BEP-20 Token

The token BEP-20 is the standard just like the ERC-20 and a token of the Binance smart chain. The token is supported by both the ERC-20 and BEP-2.

What are the advantages of using a smart contract-based MLM system?

Here are the benefits you can get while using an MLM system build using Blockchain and smart contracts.

  • Decentralization
  • Automation in process
  • Transparency
  • Reliability
  • Secured environment
  • Rapid transactions
  • Lower transactional fee
  • Elimination of intermediary
  • High performance
  • Ability to trace
  • Secured data
  • High data security
  • Easy statistics and calculations
  • Tamper-proof calculation of funds earned
  • Riskless
  • flexibility

Bring your business to new heights with smart contracts

MLM systems have changed drastically with the introduction of smart contracts in the industry. The rapid transactions, transparency, security, performance, and many other features have facilitated the system to be far more superior as compared to the traditional MLM system. The system has become more reliable thus, expansion of the growth of the company can be ensured by making a reach to the global audience.

When it comes to MLM businesses, there are a lot of strings attached. Traceability was one factor that was a hurdle in the conventional MLMs.

The MLM system can grow to new heights with the reliance it offers to the distributors. The features offered by smart contracts over other traditional methods have enhanced the adoption of the system. Several industries are ready to use and gain benefits of the smart contracts. The elimination of the third party makes the entire process faster and free from human errors.

Zeligz web store offers high-quality services for developing a user-friendly and secured platform using smart contracts. We have been serving the industry with our commendable services for years. Our expert team has acquired knowledge regarding every aspect of smart contracts and blockchain that helps them to offer accurate services. Get our services for a robust platform that will lift your business to higher levels.

Why choose the Zeligz web store?

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