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Get an astonishing NFT Marketplace like Polkacity

Avail the opportunity to stand out at the NFT Marketplace with a commendable platform like Polkacity.

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Our services to develop a Real-Estate Marketplace

Non-fungible tokens need no introduction due to their roaring success in the crypto world. NFTs, the unique assets cannot be changed or destroyed. Built using Blockchain technology, the NFTs offers the power to trace the transactions and authenticity of the assets due to their uniqueness.

NFTs can be traded on various NFT Marketplace available in the market currently. Transactions of the NFTs are done on such platforms. The NFTs can be traded on several other exchange platforms as well but the NFT Marketplace is widely used among all. The NFT Marketplaces use different Blockchain networks whenever required.

These are the most popular NFT Marketplaces in the digital space.



Atomic Market

NBA Top Shot



Different NFT Marketplaces function differently, however, the motive and output of all of them are merely the same. To exemplify, the Decentraland offers an opportunity to the users to buy and sell virtual lands by completing the tasks. Whereas Gods Unchained offers a platform for card trading in order to buy and sell cards for Ethereum.

What is Polkacity?

The virtual environment of the platform makes it possible to trade digital currencies. The platform is a digital real-estate build using blockchain technology as well as Polkadot protocol. The users can own the virtual taxis, Gas stations, and other entities as required. These assets are the unique assets that own a unique value for each asset.

POLC is the native token that is used by all the members of the platform to make transactions. The users can buy a certain Cryptocurrency from exchange to swap it for the POLC token.

A smart contract is used to create a digital asset. Whenever the user buys an asset, it will be connected to the smart contract that will result in the automatic flow of income. The user will not have to invest again in the virtual assets to earn the profit afterward.

Fundraising With NFT Marketplace like Polkacity

Polkacity-like NFT marketplace is one of the expert services we are providing in the decentralized world currently. Our services include the integration of popular fundraising methods such as ICO, IEO, and IDO. These models are used widely to raise funds and the integration of such models can help you to collect enormous money when several investors will invest in the platform. As required, the model will be built on the platform with certain alterations needed in it.

Native Polkacity Token - POLC

All the transactions being done on the platform are processing with the native token of the Polkacity, POLC. ERC-721 is the Ethereum standard that has been used in its creation.


ERC-721 is responsible for the functionality of creating NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The entire collection of tokens is not non-fungible but the ERC-721 token permits the smart contract to make it a non-fungible token.

How Polkacity works?

Just like any other online platform, the users need to register themselves on the platform to become a member of the Polkacity. Further, they can choose the digital assets they desire. Polkacity allows the users to indulge in various services including taxis and shopping centers. The next step is to begin the investment process using a contract address as shared to the users initially. Successful completion of the transferred money ensures its flow in the wallet.


Widely used Digital Asset

When the users buy the digital assets from the platform, this platform gets benefited. The virtual assets available on the market resemble exactly the real-life world.


Shopping Centre

There are shopping centers in the virtual world of the platform where the users are allowed to buy and rent them. With the increase in the investment of the small shops in the shopping center, ROI increases simultaneously.


Polka Taxi

Similar to Shopping malls, the users can rent and buy Polka taxis. The profit in this situation grows with an elevation in the investment of the Polka taxis.


Polka vehicles

There are a variety of vehicles available on the platform Polkacity that can be purchased and rented by the users. When the vehicles will have a good value, the users can sell them to earn huge profits.


Energy Stations

The energy stations are of two types, the electric station, and the petrol station. After investing in the stations, a high ROI can be earned when more investors start investing.

Develop Your Own NFT Marketplace Like Polkacity

The development of an NFT Marketplace in the current scenario can prove to be a lucrative investment for the owner of the platform. Polkadot's cross-chain environment is the main reason why a lot of individuals are interested in adopting this platform. We offer several benefits and support to our clients throughout the development cycle. Considering all the features, functions, and designing of the Polkadot, we develop a platform that lacks nothing to be an outstanding platform in the market. After evaluating and referring to the real-life investment, the same is implemented to achieve in the virtual world.

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Unlike the traditional games that are centralized, the NFT Marketplace gaming platforms such as real-estate platforms are decentralized and build using a certain blockchain. The different types of assets in the games are interoperable and can be used over several platforms.

Use of Cross-Chain

We include a cross-chain feature while developing an NFT Marketplace of different types. We make use of the Polkadot protocol while connecting the blockchain technology with the platform.


The uniqueness and the rarity of the assets are the most important characteristics of the NFTs. The scarcity is achieved by restricting the creation of the NFTs. This is the reason why some assets are getting sold at a super high value.


This feature of the platform ensures the users that there will be no loss of data or information as it is stored securely using blockchain technology. Traditional games have a risk of losing the data on shutting down of the game, unlike this platform.


Using the functions of NFT Marketplace, the users can gain the ownership rights of the digital assets. The centralized game’s assets cannot be owned even after purchasing them by paying a certain amount. Blockchain technology has been developed to secure the transfer of digital assets among users.

Scope of Real-estate based NFT Marketplace with our services:

We have worked on various NFT development projects and delivered the finest solutions. Our professionals have developed a range of distinct platforms using different features according to the customer’s requirements. We use the latest technologies and features in our development process to ensure an advanced platform that can outshine the competition in the market. To provide a superior gaming experience to the users of the platform, we include integration of AR/VR to the platform. The customization we offer for every platform helps in delivering accuracy in the results.

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years