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Decentralized Finance Smart Contract Development Services

Introduce an impeccable Defi smart contract for your Defi platform that promises attractive profits for you. Get the top-class development services from the Zeligz web store.

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Service for the development of smart contracts for DeFi

In the past few years, Defi has altered the traditional techniques of trading with superior digital decentralized methods. The practice of lending, borrowing, currency exchanges, trading, and other finance-related aspects has completely transformed with the elimination of the central authorities or third parties. Smart contracts are being used on most of the DeFi platforms where transactions and trading have become rapid and easier. There are pre-determined conditions and rules coded in the contracts that automate the transaction after fulfillment of all the conditions.

Smart contracts are contributing to enhancing the DeFi platforms and are one of the integral parts of the Dapps to provide superior functionality. Considering the needs and requirements of the project and the market trends, we ensure the integration of all the necessary features as well as plugins to achieve high-level performance for the platform. We offer DeFi smart contract development services that are unique and innovative to make sure an adequate success rate in the competitive industry.

DeFi Smart Contracts

In simple words, Smart contracts are the set of rules deployed on the blockchain technology for automation of a certain process when the conditions and rules determined in the contract are met. This innovation is being used merely to accelerate the process and make it less complex for the users. The use of a third party or center authority is eliminated resulting in a transparent and secured process.

Firstly, the conditions written in the smart contract are verified by the system and upon completion of the verification, the process executes. The information of the transaction is stored on the blockchain which makes it irreversible. The condition or the agreement may vary from one project to other according to the requirements. The buyer and the sellers can trade the assets directly with the use of a smart contract that saves time for both parties.

What are the benefits by Smart contracts?

Smart contracts are the replacement for the involvement of intermediates in the process. There are several benefits offered by Smart contracts discussed below:

Highly Secured

Smart contracts are proved to provide higher security to the transaction process on the DeFi platforms reducing the risk of hackers and loss of data.

Digital process

Smart contracts are the replacement for the written agreements for a process between two entities. The agreements or the conditions are coded and stored on blockchain technology.

High Speed

Smart contracts speed up the process with the automation it provides to the buyers and sellers by executing transactions automatically after fulfillment of the conditions defined in the contract.

Highly immutable

After the finalization and integration of the smart contract, the conditions written in it cannot be altered if required.


The information regarding the transactions can be accessed by the users whenever required that provides transparency.

No third party expense

Users do not have to pay any fee for the verification as the blockchain verifies the transactions without charging for it.


The reusability property of smart contracts makes it possible to use them multiple times for the same purpose.


As there is no central authority involved in the DeFi smart contracts, the process becomes economical.

Where the smart contracts are used

Cryptocurrency exchanges

The agreements for the exchanges are coded with smart contracts, thus, no middleman is involved.

DeFi Protocols and Dapps

Smart contracts are an essential part of the DeFi protocols and Dapps to enhance their performance and speed.


The investors get full control over their funds with the help of smart contracts.

Supply chain management

Smart contracts provide transparency and traceability features to the users of supply chain management.

Digital identity

Smart contracts help in providing identity to the individuals and eliminating the KYC.


Several risks are reduced using this technology that results in a secured platform without the interface of the third parties.

Storage of financial data

It provides precision in data integration with complete transparency.


The claims are automated hence rectifies the issues related to proofs.


Helps in building trust in the transfer of Escrow funds.


Mortgage system

Offers a speedy, economical, and simple process with automation of the functionalities.

DeFi protocols with the integration of smart contracts

Several successful platforms are using smart contracts. Below are a few of them:







Kyber Network


Get a high-quality DeFi smart contract

Decentralized finance being popular for several past years have a notable growth in the finance industry. The finance industry is moving towards complete digitization as demanded by the industry optimistic. The exceptional services it offers such as tight security, transparency, and many more are being a reason for its wide adoption by massive individuals.

Owning such a growth-oriented platform in the current scenario is a highly profitable investment to be made. Here is the process followed in the development of the platform:


Deep Analysis

We ensure analyzing the market trends and innovations being introduces to end up with a desirable platform for the customers.


Designing and development

Our team of experts discusses all the requirements of the clients to make sure accuracy in the results. We initiate the building of smart contracts using advanced technologies.



We ensure testing of the end product using certain tools to remove all the bugs and make sure high quality.



After completion of the entire process including the quality analysis, the platform is ready to be used in the DeFi protocol and Dapps. This will provide a wonderful user experience to the customers on the platform contributing to enhancing the engagement rate.

Zeligz web store- a reliable software development company for DeFi services

Initiating your own platform in this competitive world of decentralized finance is a challenge for an entrepreneur or business owner. A high-quality platform with superior features and design is mandatory to attain success in the business. Smart contracts being an integral part of the DeFi platforms needs to be developed accurately to ensure high performance and a good user experience.

Zeligz web store is one of the leading software companies when it comes to the development of decentralized finance platforms. We have been providing these services to our clients for several years. With years of experience, our development team has become an expert in developing a range of different types of DeFi platforms. We offer services with all the essential features required for an outstanding platform along with innovation in the design of the platform. We ensure to develop a platform that is capable of attracting and engaging an increasing number of users with a flawless user experience.


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  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years