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Binance Smart Chain Development Services Company

Make your platform secure, faster and user friendly with Binance smart chain development.

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About Binance smart chain

Binance smart chain is used to create high performance decentralized applications using the potential of smart contracts. It facilitates the users of the Dapps to experience smooth functionality along with rapid transactions. These features were not enabled by the native blockchain of Binance.

These features of the Binance smart chain makes it desirable as well as popular in the decentralized environment. Adoption of this commendable technology is increasing to a higher level. Another benefit of this blockchain is that it is compatible with the EVM. The users and the developers, both got an advantage of the features of the Binance smart chain.

Difference between Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain

Binance Chain: Binance chain, based on distributed consensus, offer the facilities of accelerating the transactions in a protected environment to exchange coins on the exchange.

Binance Chain

BEP and Mini-BEP2

Tokens are distributed using the BEP standards. Transactions are done with the smart chain using this standard.

Peggy Coins

The tokens or coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others can be utilized for pegging native currency.


POS allows the users to stake the most valuable assets. Upon failure of one node, the rest of the chain remains unaffected.

Binance Chain Governance

Binance chain having the governance chain enables the token owners to suggest the alternations or additions in the trading coins.


The users are able to make the selling or buying order for a certain coin. The trading is processed by the match engine.

Cross-chain Transfer

The transactions done on the Binance blockchain are faster with the feature of cross-chain compatibility.

Binance Smart Chain: Using the Binance smart chain, high performance decentralized applications can be developed. Fast trading experience can be enabled using this technology.

Binance Smart Chain

EVM compatible

The integration of projects becomes easier with the help of this technology which is based on Ethereum virtual machine.


Users are facilitated to stake the tokens with better values with the POS.

Cross-Chain Contact Event (Trade, transfer, and support)

BSC has an economical transactional fees and is paid using the BNB coin.

Binance Chain Governance

Binance chain having the governance chain enables the token owners to suggest the alternations or additions in the trading coins.


The Binance smart chain uses the potential of smart contracts to enhance the performance of a platform and can implemented on the platforms built using the Ethereum.

Workflow of Binance smart chain

Here is the working of BSC:


The BSC uses the power of POS for staking the BNB for verifying it on the website. Rewards are offered for the validations.

Cross-Chain compatibility

Binance smart chain can be used to operate independently with the native binance technology.

Dapps being enhanced with Binance smart chain

Binance smart chain is being used widely in developing high quality, user friendly and highly secured decentralized applications. There are a growing number of benefits being offered by this technology.

It has been recorded that approximately 40 decentralized applications and other platforms have been developed using BSC. As much as the adoption of this technology growing, the features are growing simultaneously.

Different projects that are currently using BSC

Here are those projects that are being operated on the Binance smart chain

  • AnySwap
  • Arkane Network
  • BakerySwap
  • Bitqurey
  • Proxima
  • PancakeSwap

They were selected on the following criteria:

Overall vision

Team viability

Product viability

Execution ability

Contribution to the overall blockchain ecosystem

Features That Can Be Integrated In A Blockchain With Binance Smart Chain

Building Wallet

The Binance chain browser extension is treated as a way of transferring funds on the BSC, Binance chain and ETH. Many Binance chain products can be connected with this extension.


The Synthetix asset that allows the users to stake or hold the SNX. The users are privileged to opt for the lending technique they prefer the most.


It is just like aa search engine that allows the users have access to the data such as a block, address, or transaction of a certain currency. There are two methods. One is Mainnet and another is Testnet.

Mainnet (original and functional blockchain) where the actual transactions of cryptocurrency takes place in real economic value.

Testnet- It is used for testing before deployment of the project on a blockchain.

Testnet Faucet

Get free testnet BNB tokens from the faucet. Faucet is deployed on Twitter. Users can share a tweet (which will be available on the activity launch date) and upon completion, receive 100 testnet BNB. Each Twitter account can only claim Testnet BNB via sharing once every 24 hours.


The Binance smart chain uses 21 validators which are responsible for lowering the fees and offering faster transactions.

The validators get secured with the protection offered to them. Other features are offered to the make a completely secured environment for throughout the process.


Binance chain having the governance chain enables the token owners to suggest the alternations or additions in the trading coins.

Staking- Staking is of two types-

Locked Staking- The users can lock their assets for a certain duration. They get interest on those locked assets.

Flexible Staking- In this type, there is no certan duration of locking funds, instead, the users can unlock when whenever required.

Managing Tokens

The process includes the distribution of tokens among individuals. It is a transaction that is responsible for creation of more assets.

Our Dapp development services using Binance smart chain

We are working on developing a variety of different Dapps using the Binance smart chain. The applications such as exchanges, betting, lending and borrowing are being developed with this technology.


The collaboration of Wink and Binance introduces Blink to the market. The platform is being used for games, gambling and mining.


Another decentralized program that offers the services of borrowing and also provides the access to the earnings on demand.


The yield farming platform facilitates the users with features of DeFi projects like Year, Harvest and many others using Binance smart chain.

Pancake Bunny

This protocil facilitates the farmers to manage their compounding techniques. The DeFi yield is being development rapidly being offered with the PancakeSwap.


Several lending, payment, marketing and other platforms have been developed with this protocol. It has revolutionized the finance industry with its features.


It is a recently developed Dapp based on Binance smart chain that is responsible for generating BNB.


StreetSwap offers best experience for trading with a high performance environment along with rewards.

Why choose Zeligz web store?

Zeligz web store works in-depth for auditing the Binance smart chain to make sure high-quality output. From analyzing the code to detecting the problems and rectifying them, we ensure the smart contract to be secure. In an era full of hackers, the necessity of a highly secured platform increases. Smart contract audit helps in making the entire process safe and superior. We work on every part of the smart contract with full precision to make sure every part to be free of vulnerabilities and completely secured.