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Cloud Mining Script

Zeligz Cloud Mining Script  is one of the finest and most sold script in the market for Cryptocurrency Industry. Zeligz Cloud Mining Script comes with easy to use admin panel which leads to use without any coding knowledge.

Our Zeligz Cloud Mining Script comes with number of basic and premium templates option which makes it best in industry and easy to use. Our Zeligz Cloud Mining Script is attaining best reputation among all the competitors. Only due to its coding in latest version of PHP and using the most secured Laravel framework. 

Crypto Exchange Script

Zeligz web store Exchange script can be customized by adding new features or altering the existing ones. When you team up with us, you step forward to your destination of success. The script is completely uncomplicated to install and launch. Within a small fraction of time, you are good to introduce your exclusive platform in the market. Moreover, getting your software developed with a ready-made script is far more convenient as well as economical as compared to software that has been developed from scratch.

Our script has been built to perform accelerated transactions within a secured environment. Let your business get a fabulous start with a modern featured script by our professionals. Get ready to avail crypto industry’s benefits by offering a high-level functionality of a crypto platform.

Doubler Script

Avail of the benefits of doubling your earnings with this Doubler script. By supporting several cryptocurrencies, it offers the privilege to double diverse cryptocurrencies easily. The script has been developed using advanced technology to offer the best experience in the crypto sphere. By offering a high-quality script developed by experts at the Zeligz web store, you can become a frontrunner in the industry.

HYIP Manager Script

Zeligz HYIP Script is one of the finest and most HYIP sold script in the market working for the financial industry. Zeligz HYIP script comes with easy to use admin panel which leads to use without any coding knowledge.

Our HYIP script comes with a number of HYIP templates option which makes it the best in the industry and easy to use. Our HYIP script is attaining the best reputation among all the competitors

Only due to its coding in the latest version of PHP and using the most secured Laravel framework. 

ICO Script

ICO, one of the best fundraising platforms facilitates the collection of funds from a global audience. Avail the privilege of collecting funds conveniently with the launch of the powerful ICO script by the Zeligz web store. Customize the script according to your requirements and get desired outcomes. The advanced features of our ICO script can help you to attract a large group of individuals to your project. From planning the whitepaper to the marketing of the ICO and your project, our experts offer flexible support to help you reach your goals. Their proficiency in development services will help you get advanced solutions along with precisely achieving your requirements.

MLM Software

The performance of Zeligz MLM software is flexible and has the lightning-fast performance with higher stability, dedicated-payout-system, and mobile-friendly responsive design. It works on Flexible system having the potentials to handle millions of user’s request and synchronous transactions simultaneously. It is open source software, which provides redundancy in security and some custom made modular design for customization. With that in hand, you can increase and enhance the interactivity of the overall MLM system on different business trends perspective. It offers reliability in the cloud-based application, which can be side loaded with modern Blockchain Applications, E-commerce Systems, CRM, Cryptocurrency Mining, Forex Trading, and ICOs, etc. The plan is to focus on incentive goals with quality assurance and remuneration.

As the "Leading MLM Software Company”, Zeligz MLM software offers infinite solutions for all multi-level marketing companies and are continuously involved in improving the software quality with cost-effective solutions to enhance the productivity while serving the precious clients all over the World.

Smart Contract Script

Simply said, a "smart contract" is software that runs on Ethereum's blockchain. It's a collection of code (its functions) and data (its state) that lives on the Ethereum blockchain at a single address. Smart contracts are an application of the blockchain that goes beyond the first phase of Bitcoin, which was mainly focused on its uses as currency.

There are many smart contract platforms out there besides Ethereum, which is the most popular one today and has the most developer activity around it. Smart Contracts can ensure objective execution based on mutually agreed-upon terms enforced by code. They have the potential to reduce middlemen and thereby reduce cost and save time. They will most likely foster a closer connection between software developers and the judicial system. Smart Contract MLM Platform is one in which a smart contract is written or built on both Ethereum and TRON networks that enables users to earn both Ethereum and Tron Tokens as rewards.

Smart Contract is a well-known virtual contract that is also developed from the blockchain but the purpose is different. That is this smart contract is widely used to build trust between the people through signing the digital contract and also to ensure the safety & security for their assets too. 

Unilevel MLM Software

The use of Unilevel MLM software is one of the simplified options one can choose for the growth of the business. This simple structure of the software makes it easy to implement and gains several benefits. No matter how many members are referred by a member, all of them will be connected to one down line of the system. The members are asked to upgrade their rank to earn better rewards from the system. The members may be given some targets such as achieving a certain amount of sales within a group or team.

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We are a software development company that offers robust and innovative software development services. Our professionals use advanced techniques with full precision to achieve desired results for our clients.

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Web Development Company

Zeligz web store has been serving the web development industry with its incredible solutions for several years. We help brands create an impactful presence in the market with unbeatable quality, modern features, and outstanding designs. Understanding the need for uniqueness in every project, we customize the features, functionality, and designs according to the requirements of the clients. Our skilled designers, with their innovative ideas, design an engaging and impressive user interface considering user experience as a major part.

To ensure a bug-free, quicker and smooth functioning of the website, we process your website through adequate Quality assurance methodologies, before delivering the final product. Our team of developers is proficient in all the latest technologies present in the market. We customize our services to fit our clients’ requirements precisely.

We work with a completely transparent process with the involvement of our clients at every phase in the development process. This way, our team ensures that the project is being developed as expected by the client. Our team is readily available to answer the questions and resolve the queries by our clients.

Blockchain Development Company

We are the pioneers in the crypto and blockchain industry. Till today, we have worked on numerous projects to fulfill our clients’ needs related to development of a blockchain embedded platform.

Zeligz web store, a leading blockchain development company offers development services for a decentralized platform using various powerful blockchain technologies ruling the market. We are providing expertise in creating platforms for numerous sectors such as crypto exchanges, Decentralized applications, smart contracts, token development, and many others. From development to marketing, we help you establish as a recognized brand in no time.

Blockchain technology has become a significant part of the digital world. Starting with the crypto currency’s origin, blockchain technology is currently being used in various industries and processes. The sectors such as Finance, supply chain, Medical industry, and several others are currently being operated with the benefits of blockchain technology. The transparency, security, and higher processing speed make this technology an integral part to enhance user experience and offer protection to the platform.

Smart contracts and blockchain technology are correlated and thus, our team members possess expertise in both. Smart contracts and blockchain technology are correlated and thus, our team members possess expertise in both. When a request is made by a user, the conditions are checked, upon validation of the conditions, the request is successfully processed. There is no involvement of a third party in the entire process which results in a rapid and secured processing, resulting in development of a decentralized app.

Our blockchain development experts are experienced in the field with knowledge about all the aspects required for the development of an outstanding platform. Using the power of blockchain, decentralization and smart contracts, we can help you establish a robust online presence in the market.

Blockchain Development Services
  • Stellar
  • Ethereum
  • Hyperledger
  • Tron
  • Corda
  • Tezos

App Development Company


Zeligz web store is a leading mobile application development company providing reliable solutions for creating robust Android and iOS applications. Our team of creative developers and designers, with their expertise, can develop user-friendly applications embedded with advanced features. With the ambition to be the best mobile application development services provider, we consistently adopt the latest technologies and make enhancements to our existing development process.

By merging the innovation to the requirements of the clients, our developers build the application that matches the expectations along with making a positive impression on users’ minds. We do not only integrate the fresh functionalities to the application, but we ensure to maintain the simplicity that may result in a user-friendly platform.

Our team possesses proficiency in developing, testing, and establishing the platform successfully in the market. Being specialists in multiple technologies, our professionals can develop the application using a variety of programming languages as required by the clients.

The working process we use

Our working structure, experience and expertise help us develop the application within a short period along with ensuring superior quality.

  • Firstly, we conduct a discussion with our clients to know all the requirements.
  • After being familiar with the needs and expectations, we plan the entire development process including features and designs.
  • We offer a transparent process in which our clients can know the status of every phase in the process and ensure precision.
  • One of the most admirable parts of our services is the unbeatable prices we offer for our services.
  • To make sure a smooth functionality and bug-free system, we opt for a quality assurance process.

Consult our team to discuss your needs for a modern mobile application. They have worked on different projects for diverse industries, thus, can fulfill the unique requirements of the clients. We can help you accomplish your business goals with a featureful mobile application.

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