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How To Plan The Perfect ICO Launch?

How To Plan The Perfect ICO Launch?

ICO or Initial Coin Offering is nothing but a way to gather funds for a crypto-based project. This is done by giving out crypto-tokens to the investors who are willing to invest their hard earned money in the company after understanding the project details. These tokens can be sold in exchange for other crypto-currencies including fiat money.

Through the money of investors, a company is able to gather the funds which it requires to fund the service or product development. So, is it all that is needed to launch a successful ICO? Not really as the following things really need to be taken into consideration seriously.

Top 5 Checklists For The Perfect ICO Launch

1.The Perfect Whitepaper

A white paper is probably one of the most important aspects of an ICO based website. The roadmap for the crypto-based project’s implementation is provided through the white paper in detail. Make sure you provide all the required data related to your project and more importantly present in an easy and concise manner. Your whitepaper should have the talent to persuade the investors to invest in your project.

2.The Legitimacy

The AML/KYC laws are a challenging aspect of ICO and you should know to whom you are issuing your crypto-tokens as not doing so may make the terrorists or any other fraud take advantage of it, eventually making you commit a crime and facing the consequences.

3. The Technical Expertise-Zeligz Webstore

The fruition and feasibility of the product can only be figured out by a team which is having an expertise regarding crypto-based projects and this is exactly what you get at Zeligz Webstore, a leading ICO website development provider. Along with the project implementation skills, the team should be technically sound as well to ensure timely achievement of milestones as mentioned in the whitepaper.

4. The Management & Communication

Provide information on the team involved in the crypto-based project along with mentioning of expertise in cryptosystems, software development, fintech, computer science, and more. Each and every piece of information that an investor might want to know should be easily communicated to him.

5.The Marketing

The more number of investors you have for your ICO, the more are the success chances for your project. YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook should be used excessively in order to market the ICO project so that maximum traffic is diverted to the site. Apart from this, Reddit and Bitcointalk are of immense importance when it comes to contacting the crypto community.