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Cryptocurrency Is The Most Promising Asset

There is a terror in the states about trending market patterns and the investors across the globe are trying to find secure methods of investment which are promising. Gold has been at the top of the list for years but now Bitcoins are giving hard competition. Presently, there is an impeccable love for the Bitcoin market! The cryptocurrency has plunged over the 12,200-mark and the year 2019 so far has been a good fulfilling year for investors concerning Bitcoin.Gold and Bitcoin are good picks during the era of global uncertainty. When the world economy is under crisis, the cryptocurrency has maintained its status. According to 'Tim Draper', the founder of DFJ Venture Capital, said that 'Bitcoin is achieving new milestones as network Mines 85% of its total supply. Square doubles Bitcoin Revenue, generating $125 Million via Cash App in Q2'.If we compare the growth of both, Gold and Bitcoin,Bitcoin has shown better growth than gold. Notably, records show that Bitcoin has shown incomparable growth.The reason for the recent growth of the Bitcoin hike is because of the tension going between the US-China trade and civil unrest in Hong Kong.

There are many reasons for the popularity of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. Some of them are as follows :

  • It allows the users to control their transactions with a code.
  • There are no extra transactional or processing fees.
  • There is no requirement of personal information while making payments in Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin protects against identity theft.
  • Bitcoin is encrypted which ensures that you are safe.
  • As the blockchain technology is used, all finalized transactions can be viewed but not at the cost of personal information.
  • Your public address is only visible.
  • Bitcoin protocol cannot be manipulated.
  • Bitcoin is cryptographically secure.

As the Bitcoin transactions are impossible to reverse, does not have any personal information, and are secure, the business owners feel protected from potential losses that might happen with fiat currency.

The other reason for trusting Bitcoin and another cryptocurrency such as Ethereum and Ripple is that they are decentralized and are not backed by any kind of government or international financial institute. Moreover, Bitcoins work on block-chain technology which is a public ledger thus there is no role of any third party. The cryptocurrency is mined by supercomputers and is a highly technical process.
Now that we’ve covered the basic advantages, I'm sure you will be feeling safe, secure and enthusiastic about cryptocurrency and crypto trading.Happy crypto trading!